Welcome to Robin's random rants!

As you may already know my name is Robin Lunde. I just finished my Master's degree, and now I am working for LINE (Check it out - Play store, App store).

This web-page is 50% for the sake of me testing technology, trying out new things and getting practical experience. The other 50% is for me to share some of the things I learn at work and in life in general, in case anyone is interested.

Unfortunately, I am quite busy these days starting my new job, but hopefully the content will be coming soon. Until then, feel free to explore my web-page or send me a message.

Finally, the picture in this post is an edit from when I was doing my Master's and accurately portrays what it feels like when I get into the programming and lose track of everything around me (I doubt I am alone in this!).

Thanks for reading, until next time!